Convivencias otras = Activismos feministas
Exhibition curated by María Laura Rosa with works by La Lengua en la Calle and Lorena Wolffer


Faced with the existence of unequal social agreements that regulate our everyday life, Convivencias otras proposes to raise awareness about this problematic issue and its impact on girls, young women, women and LGBTQIA+ youth through works of feminist visual activism.


The exhibition seeks to reflect and create spaces of dialogue regarding the tacit rules with which we interact within the spaces of daily socialization, while inquiring about those that are excluded from these agreements, be it by gender, race, class or age. In this sense, the Argentine collective La lengua en la calle proposes an interactive space through graphic creations to think about gender inequalities and their effects in our society. In turn, Mexican artist Lorena Wolffer offers youth a space where they can tell us how they imagine more equitable relationships to those they experience daily.


Convivencias otras proposes a feminist work laboratory that seeks to experiment with different dynamics of interaction between the public, the street, exhibition spaces and artistic proposals to become aware of everyday issues and thus be able to imagine and build more egalitarian societies.



Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (CCEBA)
Paraná 1159
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Opening: March 15, 2024, 6:30 pm
Until May 25, 2024

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