This self-torture in which my body metaphorically operated as the Mexican territory was a comment on the passivity and defenselessness of Mexicans after the 1994 national crisis. Territorio Mexicano (Mexican Territory) was based on images associated with extreme sexual experiences that made it both attractive and repulsive.


The environment was clinical, white, and sterile. Lying naked on a surgical table and bound to it by hands and feet, I received the continuous impact of blood drops on my stomach for six hours, while a police voice recording tediously repeated “Danger, you are approaching Mexican territory “. The piece had no beginning or end, and the audience could come and go as they pleased.



Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico

Featured artist, Cleveland Performance Festival, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Exchange Resources Festival, Belfast, Irlanda

Multivisión, Mexico City, Mexico






Martín L. Vargas

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