I produced two works for the exhibition Nuestros cuerpos, nuestras vidas / Cuatro décadas por el derecho a decidir en México (Our bodies, our Lives / Four Decades for the Right to Decide in Mexico).


Usos y costumbres (Traditions and Customs)

The work was made up of the herbs, objects, fluids, and medication still used in Mexico for home abortions. The project sprung from recipes narrated orally by a range of women and herbalist from Mexico City markets, as well as others found on the web, all of unknown efficacy. Bundles of zoapatle and parsley, a Zote soap and a pair of knitting needles, to mention a few examples, operated as witnesses to the dubious methods that women resort to, pointing to the precariousness with which most of them are practiced and revealing the serious risks they pose to women’s health.


¿En qué espejos te miras? (In Which Mirrors Do You See Yourself?)

The work intended for the show’s visitors to locate some of the debates surrounding women’s right to choose on their own bodies.

Arranged towards the end of the exhibition, this small room made up of mirrors—where only one person was admitted at a time, who was reflected on each of the walls, the ceiling, and the floor— addressed issues related to the legislation of women’s bodies, our rights, voices, and agency through questions inscribed on the mirrors such as: Who does your body belong to?, Who can decide?, Who can speak? and What rights can your body exercise?



Nuestros cuerpos, nuestras vidas / Cuatro décadas por el derecho a decidir en Mexico, Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, Mexico City, Mexico & Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina





Lorena Wolffer

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