The drive behind Muros de réplica (Reply Walls) was to provide a public replies scenario for women violence survivors: to offer passersby a space where they could verbalize and write the words they would have liked to say to their aggressors.


Four Muros de réplica were mounted by the flagpole with the text: “I am a woman and I have been the victim of violence by a man. This is my name and this is what I have to say to my aggressor.” Over a span of approximately four hours, dozens of women wrote their replies while hundreds of people read and observed them. Many chose to include their name and/or that of their aggressor while others preferred not to. In the end, the walls were completely covered.



This project, part of Expuestas: registros públicos (Exposed: Public Records), was produced by Inmujeres DF



16 Days of Activism, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Zócalo, Mexico City, Mexico





Lorena Wolffer

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