Historias jóvenas was a social practice project focused on recognizing and making the realities of girls and teenagers in Guadalajara visible, articulated in collaboration with the collective Calle sin acoso for the project Espacios revelados.


Young women lack social agency in adult-centrist societies and, in addition, are regularly discriminated against and subjected to gender violence in Mexico. We collected the stories of dozens at schools and hospices—narrated in the first person, they voiced experiences that had marked them— and placed them on the benches of the Jardín San José Analco. Others, along with maps of the city intervened by the participants and a dictionary with words they invented, were exhibited at Globo, Museo de la Niñez.



This project was part of Historias propias (Our Stories)


Allies: Paulina Flores, Chun Grajeda Hu, Circee Rangel Franco, Renata Rocha Camarena y Secretaría para la Igualdad Sustantiva entre Mujeres y Hombres


Workshops: Calle sin acoso



Jardín San José Analco, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Globo, Museo de la Niñez, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico





Thanks to:

Gabriela Halac, Lourdes González & Calle sin acoso


Maritza Lavín González & Lorena Wolffer 

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