Fe de hechos (Notarized facts) resulted from my own experiences listening to, accompanying, and working with hundreds of women violence survivors for the development of Expuestas: registros públicos (Exposed: Public Records). In addition to operating as a notarized account of what many had experienced, the work also revealed the impact their stories had on me.


During the performance, the audience entered the space to find me kneading black dough on the floor. I then voiced each of the stories of violence against women that came to mind. Seeking to separate myself from them, I materialized the, one by one, in pieces of dough that I wrapped in felt. Afterwards, I invited audience members to voice their own experiences that I also proceeded to wrap in cloth. At the end, I asked spectators to take the stories and find symbolic ways of healing them.



This project was part of Expuestas: registros públicos (Exposed: Public Records)



Desmontar la representación, Casa del Tiempo de la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City, Mexico

Festival Internacional de Teatro en las Fronteras, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico





J. Enrique González

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