darme-darse-darnos (To give myself, to give onself, to give each other) is a performance conceived to make young women’s perceptions and experiences regarding sex visible through a public conversation with Kira, my teenage daughter. This unrehearsed conversation revolves around Kira’s perceptions and positions, framed with the voices, stances and experiences of other young women on the subject, both in the dialogue itself and in the form of video projections.


The project aims to question gender today through the sexual practices of generations of teenagers and young women who have grown up with a sexual education derived from normative pornography but, at the same time and thanks to feminisms, experience their bodies, genders and sexualities in more free and egalitarian forms than the generations that preceded them.


The piece was performed under the title hook up – hooked up – hooking up at the Blackwood Gallery in Toronto, Canada.





Collaboration with Kira Sosa Wolffer



GUT_BRAIN 1: Irmgard Emmelheinz & Christine Shaw

Visión y presencia: Semíramis González



GUT_BRAIN 1: Destructive Desires and Other Destinies of Excess, Isabel Bader Theater, Blackwood Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Visión y presencia, Museo Thyssen- Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain





Carmen Suárez, Mónica Egido & Blackwood Gallery

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