With SYNAPSE, I begin to explore the consequences of cognitive decline and memory loss resulting from the two autoimmune diseases I live with, myalgic encephalomyelitis and fibromyalgia. This project is a political exercise that, in addition to operating as a vehicle for me to process the changes and transformations I am facing, aims to publicly address conditions that primarily affect women and are often overlooked by the patriarchal capitalist and ableist system. This system not only dismisses non-productive bodies but also constructs illness—conditions outside the established norm of health—as a temporary state to be corrected. This situates those of us living with chronic disabling conditions in a medical and political limbo, especially when our conditions are not immediately visible or intelligible to others.


Synapse includes 5 works and series:


  1. The piece that opens SYNAPSE gathers descriptions of my childhood written by my mother, father, brother, and aunt, displayed on white vinyl on a white wall, as a compensation for my lack of memory for that period. Alongside, in red vinyl, is my own statement regarding that period.


  1. Desmemoria 01-20 brings together twenty photographs, postcards, letters, texts, and medical prescriptions from different stages of my life, from my childhood to just a few years ago, found among my personal belongings. I remember nothing about those displayed in black and white, and I only recall one element—such as the pattern of my bedspread or the shirt I was wearing—in those presented in red and white.


  1. Recuperación lists some of the sexual violences I have experienced throughout my life and the hypersexualization they produced in me, over the images that I associate with each experience, which are only intelligible to me. The title refers to the means that allows us to access specific memories—a remote control from the eighties or caged lions in a restaurant, in my case—but also to the recovery that is necessary in order to publicly name each of these events.


  1. Backup 01-06 serves as a backup of significant turning points in my life from a transfeminist perspective, which I do not want to forget in the future. These memories for tomorrow are engraved in white typography on white aluminum plates.


  1. The exhibition closes with a Repository, where audience members can leave the memories they need or wish to preserve, on cards displayed on a wall.



Mirna Calzada



Domicilio Galería, Agricultura 106, Colonia Escandón, Mexico City






Alfredo Sabando for Domicilio Galería

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