The intervention included three designs that revealed alarming data from the “Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres (National Survey on Violence Against Women)”, carried out by the Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública in 2003, over the silhouettes of some of the main figures of the golden age of Mexican cinema.


Pointing at the exact location of the most frequently recorded attacks and their results in percentages on the silhouettes, the objective was to provide and expose precise information on the violence endured by Mexican women at the time. The silhouettes and the actresses they belonged to, iconic of femininity in Mexican popular culture, were chosen to generate empathy in viewers, for whom they were familiar.



This project was part of Expuestas: registros públicos (Exposed: Public Records)



STC Metro, Mexico City, Mexico




Tania Molina & Lorena Wolffer


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