Afectxs ciudadanxs (Citizen Affects) entailed the development of participatory cultural interventions focused on the emotions and affects that cross, regulate, and define dissident subjects in their interaction with other bodies and with the powers that surround and legislate them.


The testimonies for Afectxs ciudadanxs/Acapulco (Citizen Affects/Acapulco) were collected from a heterogeneous and diverse group of port residents by a work team that included Rosario Flores Sosa, Fiorella Sotelo Buila, Oliver Terrones, Rebeca Trujillo Carmona, and Darío Velasco García. The intervention was presented in the form of posters and banners in the streets of the city.



This project was part of Afectxs ciudadanxs (Citizen Affects)



2º Festival de Arte Contemporáneo Acapulco (FARCA), Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico





Thanks to:

Gerardo León Naranjo, Jorge Alfaro & Luis Arturo Aguirre


Gerardo León Naranjo

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