Públicas aims to promote the egalitarian presence, transit and occupation of girls, young women, women and dissident communities within our cities, through social contracts that are collectively developed and publicly disseminated.


With the premise of modifying cisheteropatriarchal culture by recognizing and subverting the tacit contracts that enable and sustain systemic gender violence in all areas of public life, the project focuses on imagining, writing and disseminating new explicit social contracts that guarantee our complete, safe and joyful use and access to them.


A large-scale version of the project was produced in collaboration with dozens of Siemprevivas counselors and the participation of girls, young women, women and individuals from the LGBTQIA+ communities at the Alcadía Iztapalapa in Mexico City.



Públicas if part of Iztapalapa DISIDENTA



Utopías Atzintli, Barco, Cascada Xicoténcatl, Libertad, Meyehualco, Papalotl, Teotongo y Tezontli, México, Mexico City, Mexico


Esmeralda Arredondo





Natalí Olac-Farfán & Lorena Wolffer

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