(30:TREINTA) is a project by Lorena Wolffer in collaboration with Emanuela Borzacchiello that aims to record the struggles undertaken from all fields, fronts and disciplines to eradicate trans(feminicide) violence in Mexico within the last thirty years—since the femicides perpetrated in Ciudad Juárez were first made visible in 1993 to date—and draw the connections and links that exist between them. The project is based on an excavation among archives by Borzacchiello, that recovers the heritage of these struggles.


On November 23, 2023, within the framework of the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the authors invited activists from Mexico City to register the actions that they themselves and others have carried out throughout these three decades on a timeline-constellation, producing a choral exercise of feminist memories.


(30: TREINTA) registers the story of the path paved and traveled over time, built and articulated from the perspective, voice and experiences of a plural and growing community.


Collaboration with Emanuela Borzacchiello


Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, Mexico City, Mexico





Natalí Olac-Farfán & Lorena Wolffer

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